For Good Ideas and True Innovation, you Need Human Interaction

Whether you are hosting your people to an incentive trip to Paris, international sales meeting? launching a new product in Marseille, Nice, Cannes, Avignon… Recognizing an achievement or arranging medical discovery meetings in Montpellier, in Marseille Events Organization Provence French Riviera helps you create an experience that feels just right.

Events Organization Provence French Riviera provides you with the insider knowledge and experience that only local professionals can deliver.

Events Organization Provence French Riviera Partners is an incoming tour operator for groups. We have a multilingual team guides and we help you create your personalised tour. All our tours are tailor-made to match your expectations and budget.


Serious - Responsiveness - Perfect knowledge of the region, maximum availability of our teams with control of the entire chain to maintain quality at the top. Guarantee and security of the regulations made by our services to ensure the performance of services.


Our efficiency: The same specialist, originating from the Provence-Cote d'Azur region, manages all your demand from its conception to its realization. We ensure a peace of mind and guarantee that your expectations will be understood.


more than 40 years of expertise in team management and in the design of leisure trips and event organizers within multinational companies in France and abroad, designs your programs with a team Expert and dynamic. Is a gifted events management expert, applying business analysis and adding a unique creative touch to all projects, large and small. The power of organization at Events Organization Provence French Riviera unquestionably rests in the hands of Colette Vieira Da Silva. Director of Operations, who has been involved with the Mice business since 1987.Her personal touch: her international career and experience have forged her personality, sociable, curious, original and creative, but also rigorous and demanding in his work. An amazing cocktail of Italian extravagance, of French sophistication with a very southern origin in Provence.

Thierry Lamarre
who lived on the East Coast of the United States, specializes in activities and sporting events on the site, also runs a tennis center in the Alps at Val d'Allos, an international professional tennis coach (President Europe PTR) The setting up of programs, applying business analysis and adding a unique creative touch to all projects, large and small. He organize and supervise the professional sports courses and team building in Events Organization Provence French Riviera Tourism. His personal touch: his international career and his experience in endurance sports training (competition in the French rowing team and international tennis coaching) have forged his strong personality, sociable, patient to listen to others, rigorous and demanding in his work, anxious about the quality of the results.

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"Some dream of incredible achievements, while others remain awake and do them!"
- Nolan Bushnell

Connecting together is the greatest commercial or social activity in which the human race is engaged. In this highly connected and digitized world, contact and face-to-face engagement always involve an impacting weight on any other virtual form of engagement. We get the basics of human interaction, commitment and turn the agenda into a healthy and sustainable experience. Connecting people is the greatest asset that any company can possess from the point of view of human capital. Connecting people in a world class atmosphere to experience the creation of an event would surely leave them inspired.

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